Acting classes

Hi everyone!

Matt Falduto here, the former editor of this page.

I’m on the right. But I don’t really look like that anymore. Brad (on the left) still looks the same however. How does he manage that?

The Iowa Theatre Blog may be gone, but I do want to let you know about a new endeavor I am embarking upon. For the last few years, I’ve been working in children’s theatre, mostly with Young Footliters. I wrote and directed a number of shows for them and it’s been fantastic.

The cast of Kazoo, my most recent play. These kids are all awesome.

So this summer I’ve decided to offer theatre classes to kids from 1st through 8th grade!

You can find all of the information about the classes by clicking this sentence.

You can also follow my blog where I will post various theatre related thoughts that enter into my brain. Right now I’m doing a series on theatre games. What’s your favorite theatre game? Head over there and tell me in the comments.

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Hope everyone is out there enjoying some live theatre! I know I have been.

This is closer to what I look like now. Except my beard is longer. And that’s not Brad.

Brian Glick’s TOP FIVE

Today’s TOP FIVE comes to us from Brian Glick, one of the founders of Revival Theatre Company in Cedar Rapids. Debuting in 2014, Revival quickly established itself as a strong theatre performing classic musicals as well as rare gems. Next up for them is Sunday in the Park with George. I really enjoyed reading Brian’s inspiring descriptions of powerful theatre moments and I know you will, too.


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Braden JP Rood’s TOP FIVE (repost)

Check out this Top Five from Braden JP Rood! And then be sure to come back Monday for the first in a new series of Top Fives!


Today’s TOP FIVE comes to us from Braden JP Rood who takes us to a beautiful little town called Mount Vernon. I’ve been a fan of Mount Vernon for years, ever since a few of us drove there to create the Black Doggers playwriting group in the home of Joe Jennison back in 2006. (Joe had a black dog that we weren’t allowed to touch.) It’s home to Cornell College, the annual Chalk the Walk festival, and, of course, the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Theatre. If you find yourself wondering what to do sometimes, I’d say check out Mount Vernon. It’s a great place to be. And now Braden’s TOP FIVE!

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