A Review of To Kill a Mockingbird


by Toni Wilson Wood

To Kill a Mockingbird is a great many things to many people–a classic book about racial inequality and injustice, destruction of innocent, and rape, as well as class, courage and compassion. For 9th grade me, it was a book that was boring in the first half and then all came together in the second half to be one of the best books I’ve ever read. The book has so many different threads that run through it, and all of them were important to the end of the book–it just made me wonder how the play would get everything in there. It does, without feeling like it’s skimping on the story and without feeling overly long. The production is well directed, well acted and well designed–and it makes you think. Continue reading

A Review of The Nether


by Phil Beck

The title of The Nether refers to the virtual reality realm that the internet will evolve into at some unspecified future time in Jennifer Haley’s provocative play, which opened Dreamwell Theatre’s season on Friday Sept.16 at Public Space One. The audience is prepared immediately for something out of the ordinary by the unconventional set, which is arranged on two levels. In front of the stage, at eye level with the seats, sits a table with a chair on either end. On the stage behind is a charming Victorian interior with carved furniture and a garden setting with iron chair and lush plant life. The action of the play will alternate between these upper and lower levels, moving back and forth in time and between reality and fantasy. Continue reading

I Have Been Thinking Lately…


Janet Schlapkohl, founder and managing director of Combined Efforts Theatre of Iowa City, wrote this opinion piece in response to the Theatre Cedar Rapids Tribes casting controversy. Combined Efforts is a visual and performing arts company with a mission of purposeful collaboration between artists with and without physical and mental challenges.

I have been thinking a good deal about the social organization of responsibility and obligation. Continue reading

A Review of Black and Blue


by Matthew Falduto
Photos by Bob Goodfellow

The topic of police brutality on African Americans is one of the most important issues  today. Newly installed Riverside Artistic Director Sean Lewis wanted to kick off the season with a play about this topic, but as he noted in his curtain speech, he couldn’t find one that he felt was suitable. So he did what artists often do – he wrote it himself. Supported by strong acting from all four actors, the play raises the issues and should spark conversations, but ultimately feels like a work in progress. Continue reading

Actors Needed for Cemetery Walk


Iowa City – The Johnson County Historical Society holds an Annual Cemetery Walk that involves having actors play the parts of figureheads from cemeteries across Johnson County. This year they have chosen to do St. Mary’s Newport south of Solon. They are looking for actors/students/volunteers who might like to play the part and tell the story of someone buried in the cemetery. This can involve as much as writing the scripts or as little as just playing the role. The date of the even it Sunday, October 9th from 5:30pm-8pm. Continue reading

Tribes Postponed!


by Matthew Falduto

I have never been more proud of Theatre Cedar Rapids than I am as I write these words. They have decided to postpone Tribes until they “can gain the support of the Deaf community and collaborate with them in finding d/Deaf actors to play the deaf roles as well as ensure that we are portraying the deaf experience in an authentic and respectful way.” Continue reading