Green Day’s American Idiot

americanidiot1By Gordie Felger
Photo by Len Struttmann

Cedar Rapids – Theatre Cedar Rapids recently staged a powerhouse production of “Green Day’s American Idiot.” While this is not a direct review of that production, I was inspired to dedicate these words to the music of Green Day. After all, above all else, the music is what this show is all about. Continue reading

Odd Couple Opens Tomorrow


Marion – Giving Tree Theater continues its season with a classic comedy – The Odd Couple by Neil Simon.It’s Summer, 1965 and a group of “the guys” meet for their weekly poker game in the NYC West Side apartment of divorced sportswriter Oscar Madison. If the mess is any indication, it’s no wonder that his wife left him. Continue reading

A Review of Shear Madness

by Gerry Roe

Amana – Returning to Old Creamery Theatre’s main stage after an excellent production in the 2015 season, Shear Madness has retained all but one of last year’s cast members and provides an opportunity for Tom Schwans to return to the OCT company. As a former member and Associate Artistic Director of the company, he could be expected to fit in with the five returning actors and he does, just as skilled at ad libs and improvisation as any company member. This is finely tuned comedy, especially when we consider that it is never the same play twice. I had the good fortune to see it last year, and yes, there are familiar lines, basic plot situations, but I suspect that one could see it many times and never succumb to boredom. Especially if the actors are as skilled as those on view at OCT right now. Continue reading

A Review of Buyer and Cellar


by Gerry Roe

Amana – There are plays which purport to be accurate portrayals of human behavior, faithfully adhering to the realities of life, whether in ancient Rome or Greece, colonial America, or in contemporary settings, often choosing a particular segment of the population of a particular location, from run-down inner city streets or tenements, to drawing rooms of the affluent. Old Creamery’s production of Buyer and Cellar is not one of those plays. It is pure fantasy, as the lone actor tells us from the beginning, inspired by Barbra Streisand’s book, My Passion for Design. The book is real, the play it inspired is pure fiction. Continue reading