Damn Yankees opens Friday with Season Kickoff Event

Cedar Rapids – Faust meets professional baseball in the Broadway classic Damn Yankees. Middle-aged baseball fanatic Joe Boyd trades his soul to the Devil (the charming but devious Mr. Applegate) for a chance to lead his favorite team to victory in the pennant race against the New York Yankees. As young baseball sensation Joe Hardy, he transforms the hapless Washington Senators into a winning team, only to realize the true worth of the life (and wife) he’s left behind. With the help of a hanhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifdy escape clause and a guilt-ridden temptress named Lola, Joe outsmarts Applegate, returns to his former self and shepherds the Senators to the World Series. Starring a host of talented alumni and newcomers alike, including Greg Smith, Mike Wilhelm, Janelle Steichen, Jordan Hougham, Susan Scharnau, and TCR’s very own Casey Prince.

The show is directed by Trevor Debth, with musical direction by Damon Cole. For tickets, go here.

As part of the opening night performance, TCR is doing a Season Kickoff Event which starts at 6 pm. The event includes an auction, wine tasting, and a photo booth. GOP here to get tickets to that event.

Cast for Damn Yankees:

Greg Smith – Joe Boyd (Old Joe)
Janelle Steichen – Meg Boyd
Mike Wilhelm – Applegate
Jordan Hougham – Lola
Mike Cervantes – Van Buren
Casey Prince – Joe Hardy (Young Joe)
Susan Scharnau – Gloria
Rick Swan – Welch/Husband
Tracie Hodina – Doris
Stephanie Shaffer Martinez – Sister
Carol White – Wife/Various Roles
Rick Titus – Husband/Various Roles
Doug Jackson – Husband/Various Roles
Randal Jones – Husband/Various Roles
Aaron Canterbury – Ballplayer/Eddie
Brian Glick – Ballplayer
Danny Mulka – Ballplayer
Jay Burken – Ballplayer
Matt Russell – Ballplayer
Ryan Watters – Ballplayer
Zach Johnson – Ballplayer
Zach Parker – Ballplayer


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