Mrs. Mannerly Opens May 18

ITAC – Iowa Theatre Artists Company begins is 2012 season this weekend with a production of Mrs. Mannerly by Jeffery Hatcher. The production will star Sean Christopher Lewis and Meg Merckens and will be directed by Thomas P. Johnson.

Mrs. Mannerly is a demanding teacher who has been teaching etiquette classes for 36 years, and no student has ever achieved a perfect score in her class. Young Jeffrey is determined to be the first to achieve this feat. The unique comic tale reveals truths about the face we present and the real selves that lie inside. “Choosing shows for a season can be a very challenging undertaking,” states Merckens. “We chose Mrs. Mannerly because there are so many fun elements within the script. It’s witty and nostalgic as well as being edgy and irreverent but mostly it’s just very, very funny.” Merckens warns, “Though based on a childhood memory, there is some language that may be found offensive by certain members of our audience, so we are recommending this comedy for mature audiences.”

Mrs. Mannerly opens May 18 and runs through June 10, 7:30 Fridays and Saturdays, 1:30 Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are $22.50 ($20 opening night/matinee, $10 for students), and can be purchased at 319.622.3222 or


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