Coming Up At Combined Efforts

Iowa City – Three events coming up at Combined Efforts theatre:

Sock Hop for Wallflowers

Get out your dancing shoes and bobby sox for an event featuring Combined Efforts Theatre’s Dance Troupe and Men’s Choir performing together for the first time. Then dance to music from the sixties and seventies and enjoy some punch and cookies. This event will be at 7:00, Saturday, June 29 in the Machine Shed Theatre at the Country Camp, 3418 Osage St. S. $5.00 donation suggested.

Then, on July 2: Combined Efforts Theatre and Uptown Bill’s are collaborating on the first Tuesday of each month for an event at Uptown Bill’s called


Writers, actors, poets, singers, and dancers, bring original ten minute pieces with you to perform or direct. Or bring a favorite piece from a play, poem, song, or other writings. The only rule other than a time limit of about ten minutes or less is that each piece have two or more characters. You may bring your own actors or get volunteers from the audience. Here is your opportunity to try out something new or share a favorite with an appreciative group.

7:00 PM, Tuesday, July 2 at Uptown Bill’s, 730 So Dubuque (Parking across the street after 4:30)

Call Mary Vasey at 319-337-3201 or email with questions.

Then, finally, the annual County Fair Play, July 26 and 27


Combined Efforts Theatre’s annual perambulating event takes the County Fair back to the early twentieth century. This is a time when small circuses and medicine shows traveled to counties everywhere. There will be music, dancing, and daring feats of strength and wit. And above all, a magical mystery: Are the contents of a magical elixir really magic or does the elixir somehow offer the courage needed to join a circus, tell someone you love them, or forgo expectations?

July 26 and 17, 6:30 at 3418 Osage ST St

And, in connection with SUMMER MAGIC AT THE COUNTY FAIR, here is a chance to use your creativity and win a $50 prize at the play. Go to and download the Masterpiece-A-Pie form for information about this contest.

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