Spamalot Cast List

Cedar Rapids – TCR has announced the cast for its upcoming musical Spamalot. The show opens January 24.

Janet Abejo – Ensemble
Richie Akers – Sir Robin
Megan Anderson – Lady of the Lake
Adam Burnham – Patsy
Cameron Byrd – Ensemble
Jon Day – King Arthur
Tera Edmunds – Ensemble
Becca Hauschild – Ensemble
Zach Johnson – Ensemble
Amanda Larson – Ensemble
Danny Mulka – Ensemble
Kaitlin Oswood – Ensemble
Zach Parker – Sir Galahad
Casey Prince – Ensemble
Brian Sanny – Sir Bedevere
Greg Smith – Utility Player (Historian/Not Dead Fred/French Guard/Minstrel/Prince Herbert)
Hannah Spina – Ensemble
Ken Van Egdon – Sir Lancelot
Brody White – Ensemble

(Source: TCR Newsletter)


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