To Kill a Mockingbird Cast

Cedar Rapids – TCR has announced the cast for its upcoming production of To Kill a Mockingbird. The show opens March 21.

Zoey Akers – Scout Finch
Avery Cassell – Reverend Sykes
Augie Charipar – Dill Harris
Bryant Duffy – Boo Radley
Seth Friedman – Bailiff/Plus other stuff
Elijah Ervin – Walter Cunningham, Jr.
Holly Ervin – Miss Maudie
Alisa Gerhold – Mayella Ewell
Larry Hansen – Sheriff Heck Tate
david e. hein – Bob Ewell
Jaime Hein – Miss Stephanie
Jaden Henley – Jem Finch
Scot Hughes – Atticus Finch
Tracy Julius – Calpurnia
Jim Kern – Judge Taylor
Duane Larson – Walter Cunningham, Sr.
Marty Norton – Jean Louise Finch (adult)
Michael Range – Tom Robinson
Amy Rehnstrom – Mrs. Dubose
Alicia Strong – Helen Robinson
Deronte Strong – David Robinson
Al Willett – Mr. Gilmer

(Source: TCR website)


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