Thank You, Ron and Jody

by Matthew Falduto ronjody Iowa City – It’s the end of an era. Ron Clark and Jody Hovland are stepping away from the administration side of Riverside Theatre. They will continue to contribute as ‘founding artists’. There’s really no question that Riverside has had a huge impact on the arts scene of Iowa City. Their wonderfully intimate Gilbert Street location has been home to so many fantastic shows over the years. And the Shakespeare in the park series was a wonderful addition to an already impressive resume of shows (Let’s hope something can be done about the chronic flooding so we can continue to experience shows in that excellent venue.) I could talk about so many shows – the Walking the Wire series, All My Sons, Blood Brothers, Hamlet – but I’m just going to mention just one. It’s a lesser known show (my favorite kind) called End Days by Deborah Zoe Laufer. It was funny and serious and expertly presented as we always expect from Riverside. Jody perfectly portrayed Sylvia, a mother who turned to religion to cope with a post 9/11 world. It was directed by the third founder of Riverside, Bruce Wheaton. I loved this show and was completely captivated by a fantastic evening of powerful theatre. We are so lucky to have Riverside Theatre in our community. So Thank You, Ron and Jody.

Feel free to share your favorite Riverside shows/memories in the comments!


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