Directing and Stage Management Opportunities for Teens

footlitersCoralville – Young Footliters is offering two intern positions for its upcoming production of Ozma of Oz, which will be directed by Matt Falduto. Teens age 13-18 can apply for this unpaid intern experience. The teen will learn all about directing or stage managing a live theatre show.

Falduto said, “I don’t want a go-fer as an AD. You will learn how I direct, why I make the choices I make and how to work with actors to coax the best performance out of them. This will be a great learning experience for any teen who wants to really get an understanding of how theatre directing works.” The stage management intern will learn from experienced Footliters stage manager and theatre teacher, Jean Grewe. She will teach her protege how to make and use a Stage Mangers Notebook, how to mark and use a script for calling the show, and much more.

To apply for either or both of the intern opportunities, complete this application and email it to Note that the link will download the Word doc.

Ozma of Oz was adapted by Falduto from two of L. Frank Baum’s books: The Marvelous Land of Oz and Ozma of Oz. It’s the story of Tip, an orphan escaping from the evil witch Mombi, along with the wooden Jack Pumpkinhead, whom he has created. Along the way, he meets many familiar Oz characters, such as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion, and faces the evil Nome King. Auditions for the show will be July 12 and 14. More information about auditions to come soon.


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