Psycho Beach Party Opens Friday


photo by Emily McKnight

Iowa City – The Iowa City Community Theatre’s production of Charles Busch’s Pyscho Beach Party open this weekend. ICCT describes it as “A fun combo of Hitchcock drama and teen surfer film, this cheeky play tells the story of Chicklet, a perky Malibu girl who loves the beach and wants the boys to teach her to surf. But this teenage tomboy has a dark side: a tendency toward split personalities, including the voracious vixen Ann Bowman, who has her mind set on world domination. Equal parts parody and campy comedy, this play offers a cockeyed look at those classic sun-drenched films of the 1960s.”

(In order of appearance)

Yo-Yo – Gabriel Brasile
Dee Dee – Lily Reitz
Nicky – John Knopick
Provoloney – Pete Baldwin
Star Cat – Kirk Saylor
Chicklet – Isabel Cody
Kanaka – Joe Kapp
Berdine – Heather Johnson
Marvel Ann – Lacy Papazis
Mrs. Forrest – Beverly E. Mead
Bettina Barnes – Erin Mills

Tickets available online or by calling (319) 338-0443. The show runs through November 1.


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