SPT’s Through the Looking Glass One Weekend Only

SPT-WYSIWYGCedar Rapids – SPT Theatre will present Through the Looking Glass, their next installment in their WYSIWYG season this weekend. The Writers’ Room shows are a mishmash of sketch comedy with great music and an occasional poignant moment that makes you stop and think. This show is described as:

Performers are said to hold a mirror up to society. Whether it’s simply a reflection or a dystopian image with a swirling miasma of primal fear and loathing that rips at the ultimately mortal soul within all of us is really just a crap shoot. Take a gamble on SPT’s the Writers’ Room!

The show is at CSPS, 1103 Third St SE, Cedar Rapids, at 8 pm October 30 and 31.

Special Guests:
Staisha Federick, Rip Russell & Alicia Monee Strong

Guest Writers:
Dennis Green & Chris Okiishi

Musical Guests:
Craig Erickson, Greg Kanz, & Dave Ollinger

Tickets are available here.


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