Giving Tree Donating Show Proceeds to Cancer Stricken Family

*Giving Tree press release*

Marion – Giving Tree Theater announces proceeds from special “A Show of Gratitude” performances held will be directly donated to help a local family facing an advanced cancer diagnosis. Profits to directly benefit Inheritance of Hope, an organization which funds retreats for young families with a parent facing a difficult diagnosis. Specifically, this will benefit local family Susan and Gregg Scharnau of Marion.A Show of Gratitude: Made of stories, songs, essays, and poetry inspired by thankfulness, and what it means.

  • At Giving Tree, one weekend only.
  • This Friday and Saturday November 13th and 14th at 8pm.
  • Tickets are $16 general admission, and available at or (319) 213-7956

“Our original concept for this weekend’s upcoming show, A Show of Gratitude, was to hopefully fill a quiet November weekend with performances and pieces that express our thankfulness for what Giving Tree has become over the past year. A beautiful subject, right? Since then, we decided to not make the weekend about Giving Tree’s gratitude, but instead shift focus on the entire concept of thankfulness and what that means to each person individually. With this new focus, we are also fundraising and donating proceeds from the shows to help send Susan, Gregg, and their family on a retreat, as Gregg’s recent cancer diagnosis is advanced. The time for making memories is now. Our goal is to fill Giving Tree Theater with 230 people and help send them off to make more beautiful memories later this month. These two performances will truly embody the spirit with which Giving Tree Theater operates: People telling great stories while serving local, tangible causes for the good of our community. This weekend is exactly why we are here, and why we do what we do.”

The show will feature original and classic pieces related to the concept of gratitude. Directed by Heather Akers, and featuring: Joe Sorensen, Joe Jennison, Akwi Nji, Laura Johnson, John & Phyllis Harris, Brook Easton, K. Michael Moore, Richie Akers, Eric Johnson, Emma Drtina, and Ellen Harris.


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