Giving Tree Announces Casts

givingtreeCedar Rapids – Giving Tree Theater announced the casts of two upcoming shows, Wit by Margaret Edson, which opens January 1, 2016, and Harvey by Mary Chase, which opens January 29, 2016.

Vivian-Marty Norton
Dr. Kelekian- Bryan Schlotfelt
Jason Posner- John Miersen
Susie Monahan- Mariah Schlueter
E. M. Ashford- Betty Coté
Techs/Students/Residents: Jake Stigers, Kyle Shedeck, Tamra Williams, Emma Drtina

Veta – Dyanna Dawn Davidson
Myrtle Mae – Emma Drtina
Elwood – David Morton
Wilson – Scott Davidson
Kelly – Jessica Link
Dr. Chumley – Allan Boettger
Betty – Traci Rezabek
Dr. Sanderson – Richie Akers
Judge – Brett Engmark
Cab Driver – david e. hein
Miss Johnson – Kristin Poling
Miss Chauveney – Jill Law


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