Nuncrackers Opens Nov 19

nuncrackers1Amana – Old Creamery is bringing another Nunsense musical to stage! This time we will be treated to Nuncrackers by Dan Goggin. Did you know Nunsense started as a line of greeting cards? It eventually became a cabaret show which then turned into a full musical, which spawned six sequels. The most recent sequel was Nunset Boulevard, which premiered in 2009. Nuncrackers is a Christmas themed show.

From their website:

You won’t want to miss the Little Sisters of Hoboken from Nunsense as they return to The Old Creamery’s stage to put their patented spin on celebrating the holidays. Reverend Mother and her crew will provide plenty of Christmas music and more laughs than you can shake a candy cane at. The cast includes Lindsey Cline, Katie Colletta, Sonny Conrad, Mason Erger, Mitchell Erger, Sean McCall, Hannah Rodgers, Ella Rosario, Carrie SaLoutos, Alec Schiefer, Marquetta Senters, and Sierra White.

Tickets are available here.


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