So. Much. Theatre

ntn2There is so much great theatre happening right now in our area. Let’s see if I can sum up all of your options…

Dreamwell Theatre is presenting Gidion’s Knot, a dramatically intense show dealing with the nature of art, our responsibility to children, censorship and more. Go here for more information.


Giving Tree offers us Steel Magnolias, a tearjerker of a play set in a Southern beauty shop. Go here for more information.


Riverside Theatre is presenting ROAR!, which is described as “a weird, wild & wonderful night of original solo work.” Little Village reviewer James Trainor loved it. Check out his review here.


Theatre Cedar Rapids has produced a fantastic production of Next to Normal, a musical that expertly presents every possible point of view in a family dealing with a devastating mental illness. I saw the show yesterday and was blown away by the performers, the direction, the set, the lighting… pretty much every aspect of it was fantastic. Go here for more information.


MVLCT’s Animal Facts, is “for everyone who thinks we have plenty to learn from the other species who share our planet.” I’ve read a lot of this script in Black Doggers workshops and I’ve seen a part of it performed as part of another show. It’s a funny and illuminating script by Amy White. For more information, go here.


And finally, opening this weekend is ICCT‘s Lost in Younkers, the Neil Simon coming of age play set in the 1940s.


Too much theatre, right? Be sure you get out there and see some or all of these shows!


One thought on “So. Much. Theatre

  1. Next to Normal is extraordinary. Tackling a difficult subject with passssion and insight.
    Great voices, smart set and a kick ass band.
    Next Friday and Saturday – two more chances.

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