Middleville Actors Share Their Thoughts

middleville1Iowa City – “Shoot for the middle!” 

In Middleville, this motto dictates the choices of the town, where everyone thinks it’s best to be the same. But one day, a mysterious painting arrives in the town along with a group of suspicious outsiders, and everything changes… for the better!

This April production, directed by Brian Tanner, is the premiere of Middleville, an original script by Janet Schlapkohl, nationally produced playwright & managing director of Combined Efforts. The all-inclusive cast boasts over 60 local actors.


We asked some of the actors to finish these statements about the show. This is what they said…

I love Middleville because…

“There are some people with some unique styles…” Chase Horning, age 10, who plays Linda.

“It’s unique and different!” -Ryann Sirois, who plays Peggy.

“The songs… Middleville, Middleville, hoo hoo!” -Sheri Breedlove, who plays Winifred.

Middleville is a unique show because…

“It is locally written, has an original song, and involves a dedicated, caring, friendly community.” -Valerie Davine Bills, who plays Miss Levelbest.

“It includes special dream sequences that utilize Combined Efforts’ Dance Troupe.” -Eric Teeter, who plays Coach.

“It is a metaphor about how being fraught with sameness is actually a disability… it is our unique natures that enrich lives.” -Janet Schlapkohl, author of the play.

People should see Middleville because…

“It’s really funny!” -Ruby Murray, who plays Penny.

“It’s fun and amusing… and I’m in it!” -Sammi Falduto, age 12, who plays Veronica.

“It will make you laugh!” -Madonna Smith, Assistant Director.

Shows run one weekend only, Friday, April 8 & Saturday, April 9 at 7:30PM, and Sunday, April 10 at 2:00pm at Montgomery Hall at the Johnson County Fairgrounds, 4261 Oak Crest Hill Rd SE, Iowa City. Tickets are available at the door; $10 all ages. Learn more at www.combinedefforts.org.


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