Two Shows Open this Weekend


Photo by Alisabeth Von Presley

Cedar Rapids/Marion – Two dramas open in the Cedar Rapids area this weekend: RHCR’s A Few Good Men and Giving Tree’s The Diary of Anne Frank. RHCR will perform A Few Good Men at the Artisan’s Sanctuary. It is directed by Matt Ford.

RHCR describes the show as:

“This Broadway hit about the trial of two Marines for complicity in the death of a fellow Marine at Guantanamo Bay sizzles on stage. The Navy lawyer, a callow young man more interested in softball games than the case, expects a plea bargain and a cover up of what really happened. Prodded by a female member of his defense team, the lawyer eventually makes a valiant effort to defend his clients and, in so doing, puts the military mentality and the Marine code of honor on trial.”

Tickets are available here.


Photo by Alisabeth Von Presley

Also opening on Friday is Giving Tree’s The Diary of Anne Frank. This is, of course, the story of a young Jewish girl and her family hiding from the Nazis during World War II. Giving Tree is producing the Wendy Kesselman adaptation, which has been praised for restoring the parts of the diary that delve into Anne’s hostility toward her mother and her developing sexuality, which were edited out of the original by Anne’s father. The show is directed by Mary Sullivan. Tickets are available here.

The cast of The Diary of Anne Frank:

  • Jamie Henley  –  Otto Frank
  • Lisa Streif  –  Edith Frank
  • Julia DiGiacomo  –  Margot Frank
  • Nicole Hassenstab  –  Anne Frank
  • Scott Davidson  –  Mr. Van Daan
  • Leigh Ann Cleland  –  Mrs. Van Daan
  • Jaden Henley  –  Peter  Van Daan
  • David Medin  –  Mr. Dussel
  • Mary Vizecky  –  Miep Gies
  • Seth Friedman  –  Mr. Kraler
  • First Man  –  David E Hein
  • Second Man  –  Bryan Schlotfelt
  • Third Man  –  Kyle Shedeck
  • Fourth Man (Shared Role)  –  Harrison Akers & Aaron Berta

The cast of A Few Good Men:

  • Lt. Daniel Kaffee – Joshuah Forrest Payne
  • Col. Nathan R. Jessup – Scot Hughes
  • Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway – Nicole Agee
  • Capt. Jack Ross – Anne Gensicke Ohrt
  • Lt. Jonathan Kendrick – David Cūpparmēň Range
  • Lt. Sam Weinberg – Troy Powell
  • Pfc. Louden Downey – Aaron Berta
  • Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson – Duane Larson
  • CMDR.Dr. Walter Stone, Lawyer Act 1, MP – Gregory M Stoll
  • Judge Julius Alexander Randolph – Allan Boettger
  • CPL Jeffrey Howard – Brian Tanner
  • Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson – Jessica Joy Abdoney
  • Capt. Issac Whitaker, Tom – Eric Teeter
  • PFC William Santiago, Sargent At Arms – Michael Fortin
  • Cpl. Carl Hammaker, Orderly – Joel Southard

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