Giving Tree’s Streetcar Opens Friday


by Matthew Falduto
Photo by Richie Akers

Marion – Giving Tree Theater will present Tennessee Williams’ classic play A Streetcar Named Desire beginning Friday, September 9. Since its inception in 2015, Giving Tree has been working its way through most of the traditional community theatre shows, from The Glass Menagerie to Wit to The Odd Couple. The converted movie theater offers unique seating, a community atmosphere, and a charming husband and wife team in Richie and Heather Akers. And of course, great theatre.

A synopsis from Giving Tree’s website:

“One of America’s most iconic plays, A Streetcar Named Desire begins on a steamy afternoon in the heart of New Orleans as Blanche DuBois arrives on the doorstep of her younger sister Stella and Stella’s sexy, yet brutish husband Stanley. With a trunk filled with jewels and furs to her name, Blanche settles into their two-room apartment, painting a wistful and romantic portrait of her life as a styled Southern belle in Mississippi, all the while failing to complete the mysterious picture with details of her unexpected arrival and unknown departure. As Blanche’s fabrications wane and her needs multiply, Stanley’s skepticism boils, driving a deep wedge between them. The tension grows as thick as the humid night air until a final plea of passion and desperation sparks an explosive encounter that changes them forever. A Streetcar Named Desire delivers an unforgettable dramatic ride, filled with love, loss and the dream of what’s to come.”

Streetcar is a challenging play and it’ll be interesting to see how director David Morton (who memorably directed Dial M for Murder at Giving Tree) tackles it in the intimate space.

The Cast:

Eunice: Hollie Trenary
Stanley: John Miersen
Stella: Jessica Link
Steve: Brian Smith
Mitch: K. Michael Moore
Blanche: Heather Akers
Pablo: Adam Kann
Young Collector: Jake Truemper
Nurse: Kristin Poling
Doctor: Greg Stoll
Woman: Kaamilya William-Hinton

You might remember John Miersen from his excellent performance of Horatio on TCR’s recent production of Hamlet. K. Michael Moore (A Chorus Line), Jessica Link (Private Lives) and Heather Aker (Ordinary Days) have also all given powerful performances in Corridor theatre productions over the years. The cast is definitely a strong one so you’ll want to check it out. Tickets are available here.


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