Buried Child Opens Tonight

buried-childDavenport – The QC Theatre Workshop will present Sam Shepard’s Buried Child beginning tonight and running through October 29.

Set in a decaying farmhouse in rural Illinois, this is a Pulitzer Prize-winning tale of dysfunction that, as described by the New York Times, is also a “fierce testimony to the theory that you really can’t go home again (and if you try, be prepared for the consequences).”

With tensions running high between longtime married couple Dodge and Halie and their damaged sons Tilden and Bradley, the anxiety escalates with the arrival of Tilden’s son Vince, whom none of the others seem to recognize. As Vince and his equally confused girlfriend Shelly attempt to reconcile with their strange situation and even stranger hosts, what results is a thoughtful, chilling, yet frequently hilarious production that Variety magazine called “a seminal 20th Century work about the collapse of an agrarian economy, the breakdown of the family, and the death of the American Dream.”

As part of their efforts to provide theatre that is accessible to everyone in our community, QC Theatre Workshop’s standard ticket pricing for productions is “Pay What It’s Worth”. You will see the show first, then pay afterward based on what the experience is worth to you, and what it’s worth to you to have this kind of live theatre in your community.

Andy Curtiss
Pat Flaherty
Patti Flaherty
Brant Peitersen
Josh Pride
Mike Schulz
Abby Van Gerpen

Reserve tickets here.


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