Take a Drive


by Matthew Falduto

When deciding what to do on a Friday night, it’s easy to forget there’s a whole lot more options just down the road.  For instance, we Iowa City area folks don’t often venture beyond Coralville for our theatre experiences. Sure, we’ll head to Cedar Rapids on occasion, but we most often stick with what’s convenient.

Well, here’s my challenge to you.

Drive 45 minutes or more and catch a show somewhere different! Last Friday, two friends and I took a trip to the QC Theatre Workshop to see their latest, a powerful production of Sam Shepard’s Buried Child. The road trip was a lot of fun, with good conversation and lots of laughs. The folks at the QC Theatre Workshop were very welcoming. And the show was fantastic. (No joke – it was really, really good. Check it out.)

So sometime before 2016 ends, get in the car and head to Des Moines, or Dubuque, or Davenport and catch a show at a theatre you don’t normally visit. Or if you’re in one of those three cities, how about taking a road to Iowa City or Cedar Rapids and checking out what the Corridor has to offer?

Expand your theatrical horizons!


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