Catching up…



So November was a busy month for the editors of the Iowa Theatre Blog and we’re a little behind on telling you about some shows that opened recently… so here’s our catch-up post.

Last night at the Iowa City Community Theatre, the comedy George Washington Slept Here opened. The story: Newton Fuller fulfills a lifetime ambition: to own his very own colonial farmhouse—a home in the country. He drags his wife, Annabelle, and their daughter, Madge, out to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, to set up homesteading in a wreck of a house—broken windows, falling plaster, and a cow in the kitchen. But, Newton has faith—after all, George Washington slept there, so it’s even a part of history.

“This show is all about the classic ideal of the American Dream of home-owning. When you buy a house, you buy a dream,” says director, Rachael Lindhart. “What makes this show comical,” she concludes, “is that the house does not live up to the dream, but it comes about alright anyway.”

The show runs through December 11.

timbuddRiverside Theatre’s unique holiday show Every Brilliant Thing is still running for a couple of more weeks. This show isn’t about Santa. No elves. No Christmas carols. Local favorite Tim Budd plays a man who recalls making lists of beautiful, everyday things in life as a way of raising the spirits of his mother, who deals with chronic depression.

“It gives me all the things I want from a holiday-timed play: Beauty, family, community and awe,” said director Sean Christopher Lewis.

The show also runs through December 11.

littlewomenCurrently running at Giving Tree Theatre is Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. The classic novel brought to the stage follows the adventures of sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March. Funny and touching, this classic American story is perfect for the holidays.

The show also runs through December 11.

Over all O

beautybeastAt Theatre Cedar Rapids, you see the stage version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast before the live action movie adaptation premieres in 2017. The classic tale of love and magic is perfect for the whole family.

The show runs through December 18.


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