A Review of The Diary of Anne Frank

annefrank1.jpgby Matthew Falduto
Photos by Emily McKnight

Iowa City – Before you even enter the theatre, you get the feeling that this show is going to be something special. Throughout the lobby is an amazing display centered around the subject at hand – the Holocaust in general and Anne Frank in specific. Taped off on the floor of the lobby is the size of the secret annex where the Frank family lived for two years in hiding. You stand within the tape marks and begin to realize how difficult it must have been. An incredibly detailed timeline adorns the walls as you walk down a corridor toward the playing area. Before you’re allowed in, two actors encourage you to be as quiet as possible, emphasizing another challenge Anne and the others had to face. A bookcase swings open and you are taken down a hall, up a couple of stairs and then you are in the theatre. As you take your seats, you realize you are incredibly close to the action. Those of us in the front row are inches from the actors. All of this adds up to an immersive theatre experience the like of which I have never experienced at the Iowa City Community Theatre before. The Diary of Anne Frank, directed by Rachel Korach Howell, is an perfectly created theatrical experience, emotionally raw and funny and heartbreaking. It’s what theatre should be, every single time. Continue reading

A Review of As You Like It

ayli2by Michele Payne
Photos by Emily McKnight

Iowa City – Iowa City Community Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It is a romp: playful, energetic, even frisky. You should go see it. Oh, sure, it wasn’t perfect. But yesterday was a grey and melancholy day for me, and the two and a half hours I spent last evening in the Forest of Arden with Rosalind, Orlando, Celia, Arthur, Touchstone and Audrey were a wonderful antidote. Continue reading

A Review of Dracula


Photo by Emily McKnight

by David Pierce

The Iowa City Community Theatre’s (ICCT’s) production of Dracula is short on scares but full of campy fun.

There are a few ways you can go with Dracula. One way is to emphasize the horror, playing up the creepy psycho-sexual side of the story. Considering this is ICCT’s Halloween show, you wouldn’t be surprised if that was the target at which the production aimed. But this production of Dracula isn’t trying to scare or creep out anyone. Instead, it’s target is campy fun, and it hits that target far more than it misses it. Continue reading